Weekly Walk 37

If these walks were a pregnancy, it would be full-term as of the walk we took during the last week before the summer solstice.


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Weekly Walk 36

During the twelfth week after the vernal equinox, we got to hike with our friend Linda again.

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Weekly Walk 35

We left the house early to beat the heat for our hike during the eleventh week after the vernal equinox.CIMG2340 Read More

Weekly Walk 34

The tenth week after the vernal equinox, it was in the mid-80’s when we hiked.

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Weekly Walk 33

I won’t try to tell you how much I have going on this week (the ninth since the vernal equinox) because even I don’t like to hear about it.

But in spite of the full calendar, we did manage to take a hike the morning before my mom left.


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Weekly Walk 32

The eighth week after the vernal equinox, we got to take our weekly hike with my mom! (Not pictured: my mom.)


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Weekly Walk 31

I’m a little late posting the walk we took for the seventh week after the vernal equinox because this was supposed to be just a bonus hike.


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Weekly Walk 30

This week—the sixth week after the vernal equinox—we hiked a very spring-like hike. Meaning, we hiked through a 40°F rain.


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Weekly Walk 29

Due to vet visits and routine doctor appointments, our hike during the fifth week after the vernal equinox was delayed until a humid, 80-degree Friday. My daughter’s comment: “If it’s 80 in April, how hot will it be in summer?”

Good question.

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Weekly Walk 28

The fourth week after the vernal equinox, we hiked in the rain, with my son playing ninja and scaring me by disappearing off the trail from time to time and proving that, while I aspire to “free-range parenting,” I am much too anxious to commit to it wholeheartedly.


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