Weekly Walk 29

Due to vet visits and routine doctor appointments, our hike during the fifth week after the vernal equinox was delayed until a humid, 80-degree Friday. My daughter’s comment: “If it’s 80 in April, how hot will it be in summer?”

Good question.

CIMG2010The looming storm clouds and occasional raindrops kept us moving despite the muggy heat.


But we did take time to see some of the little changes since last week, like pre-flowering mayflowers (Epigaea repens),


baby ferns,


caterpillar nurseries (we think),


and unidentified flowers.


The river was shockingly low this week.


But the creek seemed to be a pretty normal depth.


We rushed back to the trailhead as the raindrops started falling more vigorously, but the predicted thunderstorms never materialized. I wonder how low the river will be if we have another week without rain.


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