Weekly Walk 37

If these walks were a pregnancy, it would be full-term as of the walk we took during the last week before the summer solstice.


Of course, it’s not a pregnancy (and no, I’m not pregnant), but I spent enough time working with moms and babies that’s what comes to mind when I count things in weeks.

And there are occasionally some babies on our hikes. I thought this one was a gypsy moth caterpillar, but I’m not sure it’s fuzzy enough.


And we saw some baby grapes this week, too.


The water levels continued to be quite low.


Despite lack of rain, the foliage continues to grow unabated. The old car carcasses are nearly hidden.


We have yet to spot monarch larvae on the milkweed, but we remain hopeful.


I continue to work to catch a photo of a dragonfly before it zips off.


Primate species are often on the move but are usually easier to photograph.


Sometimes they even stand still.


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    1. Thank you, hermionefowl. I’m never quite sure if this way of doing a post works or not; it’s nice to know it’s working for one person, at least!

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