Weekly Walk 27

The third week after the vernal equinox, our hike was 36°F. And look! It’s winter again! *sigh*


We got to go hiking with our friend Linda and her granddaughter. I hope we made a good impression because the kids and I had fun crunching along the trail with them and spotting intrepid greenery pushing up through the snow.



There was ice on the river again.


And pollen. At least I hope it’s pollen.


The robins and the pollen and the greenery all tell me it’s spring, even if the rest of the view argues otherwise.


At least we had the satisfaction of walking through formerly untouched snow before the next day’s rain washed it all away.


It won’t be long now before I’m complaining about the heat.

3 Replies to “Weekly Walk 27”

  1. Nice photoset – we havent had uch snow in the uk so it is nice to see some. Lovely 🙂


    1. Thank you! It’s actually been a light season snow here (especially compared to the 9+ feet we got last winter), so even though I’m looking forward to spring, I don’t mind the snow that much.


      1. You can send me some please – I miss it 🙂


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