Weekly Walk 26

The second week after the vernal equinox, our hike was 46°F and very windy.

I don’t know the person in the red jacket, but the one in the yellow leggings is one of mine.


None of us has much to say about this hike except to note that we’re halfway through our year of hiking the same trail each week. Beyond that, I’ll let the photos do the talking:


3 Replies to “Weekly Walk 26”

  1. okay, I might have some idea of some of the plants but they are mostly guesses:

    1. a sedum of some sort 2. raspberry 3. lonicera morrowii (an invasive honeysuckle) 4. no idea 5. skunk cabbage

    My granddaughter will be here next Tuesday so if she brings walking shoes and it’s not too cold maybe we could join you and then I might have a better idea.

    ♥ Linda


    1. Thank you, Linda! I suspected the one was a sedum but the only one I knew for sure was the skunk cabbage. Let me know if you and your granddaughter want to hike with us. We’d love to have the company!


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