Corner-to-Corner Road Trip: Day 3

Northeast Ohio to Jackson, Tennessee (where we had catfish, po’boys, and steak for dinner)

Distance: 634 miles (1,255 of 3,156 total miles (39.8% of the total trip))

Driving Time: 10 hours (including two rest stops)

Temperature Range: -2°F to 26°F

Where we ate: Redbone’s Grill and Bar

Miles Remaining: 1,901

2 Replies to “Corner-to-Corner Road Trip: Day 3”

  1. You have a real head for numbers, don’t you? I’d never think of (or enjoy) keeping track of these statistics. Mainly because long drives just freak me out.
    Hope all of you are doing well, but with all the excitement ahead I cannot imagine it any other way. Be safe for the rest of your travels!


    1. I don’t know about a head for numbers, but I like keeping track of our trip stats. It helps me orient myself. I could take or leave the hours and hours in the car, but I really love the experience of seeing the landscape change as we travel. That also helps me orient myself, while at the same time giving me an even deeper knowledge of and appreciation for my country of birth. (Even more numbers: this is my fifth cross-country trip. It’s my cat’s third. He loves hotels but shares your feelings about long drives.)


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