The Starry Afternoon: An Artistic Victory

My kids love crafts, but for the past couple of years, my eight-year-old has been very resistant to anything labeled “art,” especially drawing. I think it has to do with perfectionism. No idea where she got that. My efforts to get her on speaking terms with the world of art have only increased her resistance, whichContinue reading “The Starry Afternoon: An Artistic Victory”

Xylem, Heartwood, and Unscheduled Haircuts

Yesterday, my kids attended the first in a series of homeschooling classes about trees. This one was called, “What Makes a Tree a Tree?” They discussed the differences between trees and bushes, conifers and deciduous trees (and the tamarack, which is the only deciduous conifer and the name of the cabin I stayed in whenContinue reading “Xylem, Heartwood, and Unscheduled Haircuts”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

This is my photographic response to this week’s photo challenge by The Daily Post.  The assignment: “This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us ‘beginning’!” Somehow, we’re on a January-to-January homeschool schedule at my house, which means the new year brings new levels in our various subjects: new books, new plans, newContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning”

Homeschool Quick Takes

Homeschooling gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my kids. A lot. Of time. And since I know you were wondering, every moment is a blessing. No dreams of finishing a cup of tea before it’s cold or cooking food I don’t have to share or using the bathroom by myselfContinue reading “Homeschool Quick Takes”

Homeschool Chemistry: Decalcification and Osmosis

Step 1: Decalcify two raw eggs by submerging them in white vinegar in clear jars or cups for at least 24 hours until the eggshell has completely dissolved. Step 2: Carefully rinse the eggs and empty and rinse out your soaking jars/cups. Step 3: Label your jars/cups, one with “corn syrup” and the other withContinue reading “Homeschool Chemistry: Decalcification and Osmosis”

Reblog from Charlotte was Both: An intuition and an encounter

Originally posted on Charlotte was Both:
(Welcome Instapundit readers….more about what we do here and here.) Here’s my intuition: Home education is just going to gain more and more traction in the coming years. That’s really not such a brilliant insight.  The growth is already there, and constant – except when it pops up a…

Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Friday

With all of the crazy news coming out of Boston this morning, I’d considered postponing this post. But then I decided that I wanted to reinforce an idea of a “normal” day while my thoughts are turned east and I’m glued to the radio, hoping for a quiet, relatively safe conclusion to all of this.Continue reading “Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Friday”

Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Thursday

Fourth in a series of prose snapshots of a day in my homeschooling life. This is a reflection of an ideal Thursday. An actual Thursday will likely end a lot less clean than this one does. In fact, an actual Thursday frequently ends with the house looking even messier than it did when we started.Continue reading “Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Thursday”

Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Wednesday

Third in a series of prose snapshots of a day in my homeschooling life. This is a reflection of an ideal Wednesday. An actual Wednesday might look a little (or a lot) different. For example, an actual Wednesday may well end with me swearing that we’re not going to watch anymore videos (EVER!) if theContinue reading “Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Wednesday”

Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Tuesday

Second in a series of prose snapshots of a day in my homeschooling life. This is a reflection of an ideal Tuesday. An actual Tuesday might look a little (or a lot) different. Not pictured: the chaos of Legos, train tracks, books, plastic zebras, wooden alphabets, and construction hats that’s strewn across my floor byContinue reading “Homeschool – A Day in the Life: Tuesday”