Emotions Log: Update

Using the phone doesn’t seem to be improving the odds that I’ll record my emotions. Unless this is just an off day.

I seem to have lost my gusto for the Happiness Project. I know I tend to prefer planning to do something to actually doing it. Maybe that’s what’s going on now. I want to give this project a shot in the arm. Or maybe I could just try being mindful about feeling unmotivated. And then I could watch a movie.


4 Replies to “Emotions Log: Update”

  1. CJ – It’s taken me the better part of 3 years, long before I found the happiness project, to adjust my thinking. And that’s without tackling the worst of the judgmental thoughts!! That’s only gaining control of my reaction to things, and making my outlook more positive. Oh, and basic mindfulness – still haven’t quite mastered that one either.


  2. CJ – Maybe you just got carried away with the HP. Instead of planning for the whole year, what if you agree that you will do the stuff you said for the next 3 months and then re-assess the whole thing? Also, when I need to remember something and can’t write it down on paper (or whatever the reason I can’t record it some other way) I send myself a text message. My phone also has a notepad function, but it seems to work better to just send the message.


    1. I’m actually feeling better now. Turns out I just needed to go work out. Now I’m back in the game. I do think the idea of taking it month by month is a good one. I think I’m just adjusting to making these changes. I was feeling discouraged because the ones for this month seem so small, I didn’t think I ought to have trouble with them. But I think the mindfulness resolutions are deceptively simple. They deal with changing the way I’m thinking, which doesn’t look like much on the outside, but is a big change on the inside. I want to try to be more gentle with myself.


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