Marriage Month in Review

Marriage Month has been a challenge, but it’s been worth it, I think.

Every month is like this, but the resolutions for this month in particular are ones that I can’t just do for the month and then just say I’m done. These are definitely resolutions that I need to keep working on as part of my daily practice.

As a review, this month I resolved to do the following in my relationship with my husband:

-Make eye contact.
-Criticize with love (or not at all).
-Verbalize the positives.

Some days I’ve done better with these than others. But overall, I think that there’s more harmony in my marriage than there was at the beginning of the month. Not that our marriage was inharmonious in January, it’s just quieter and more joyful now. My goal wasn’t to completely overhaul my marriage. I don’t think it needs that level of intervention anyway. My husband and I get along pretty well, I just wanted to help increase our happiness in our marriage. I think we’ve done that this month. But I’m going to have to keep on working if I’m going to keep this higher level of happiness.

Now on to March to see how I do bringing more happiness into my relationship with my kiddos!

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