What Happens After Dinner? Marriage-related Re-post

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What Happens After Dinner? | Happily Even After: Married w/ Kids Seeks Work-Life-Love Balance – Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

My friend Victoria shared this on the Imperfect Happiness Facebook page, and I liked it so much, I decided to share it here. (Click the link above for the complete article.)

It’s all about finding the way to connect with your partner that works for your unique relationship, and describes a night the author spent with her husband and four of her girlfriends talking about what they do in their house after dinner.

From the article:

That summer night, sitting around the dinner table at Lopez Island, talking and drinking wine with my girlfriends, they exclaimed almost in unison, “You drink wine and talk EVERY NIGHT?”

And I didn’t know if they were thinking:
A. I wish I did that every night!
B. How on earth do you have that much to SAY?
C. Damn winos.

But it didn’t really matter because each of us had described what worked for us

I especially like the idea that one person’s after-dinner routine might be perfect for them but might be met with incredulity by someone else. Whenever I see a variety of lifestyles that each work for the people who live them, I feel comforted. It’s like it gives me freedom to feel OK about the way we do things, my husband and I.

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