Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

This is my photographic response to a recent photo challenge by The Daily Post. I like taking photos, especially for this type of challenge. I find it leads me to see the world differently. And seeing the world differently is something I always find enriching.

I found this particular challenge enormously fun. It’s brought new awareness to the horizon and lines in general when I take a photo. (Update: I forgot to post the third picture in this series when I first published this post. If you’ve visited before but only saw two, scroll down for the third.)

All of these were shot this weekend at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (where I found it almost impossible to take a photo that wasn’t beautiful).

11 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far”

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! I was thrilled when I saw how they turned out. (I can never tell for sure on the camera viewer.)


      1. Yes, isn’t that a wonderful feeling? to upload the photos and then see the full effect….and to get that thrilling feeling when it REALLY turns out well! Great work!


  1. Good for you, My favorite one is the first one. But, I love the scene all the same in both.


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