♥ Irish Cream Cheesecake (via it’s a Greyt Vegan Life)

The photo that popped up when I reposted this was not of the vegan Irish Cream Cheesecake, but trust me, you’ll find the recipe if you follow the link below. And even more important, if you look through the cheesecake recipe, you’ll find the link to the vegan Bailey’s Irish Cream recipes (yes, there are three of them, one for sipping, one for mixing, and one for cooking!).

♥ Irish Cream CheesecakeHaving a birthday the same week as Valentine’s Day means that you rake in twice as many gifts. It also means twice the gift-giving stress for the romance-challenged male! But this year, Valentine’s Day was relatively easy on J since I all but picked out the gift myself. The only surprise was the type of animal (a sweet boy goat named Justin) that J sponsored in my name. For my birthday, J did something unbelievably sweet (or totally unimaginative … Read More

via it’s a Greyt Vegan Life

I made my cheesecake GF by using Mi-Dell Cinnamon Snaps instead of graham crackers for the crust.

And I think my springform pan is bigger than 9 inches across. I wonder if that could have contributed to some of the baking issues I had, or if that was all altitude. I also added a parchment paper circle to the bottom of the springform pan. I’m not experienced with springform baking, but I seem to recall that a parchment paper circle was somehow important. So I put one in there.

At any rate, I ended up intentionally overcooking my cheesecake because the middle of the topping was still liquid (almost as much as when I poured it on) after the cooking and sitting time were through. I think when I make this again, I’ll just adjust for the altitude immediately and cook it at 400 instead of 375. I’m betting that will take care of the problem.

Here are some photos of my cheesecake and vegan Irish cream.

One of the only decent in-process photos I have.
The other in-process photo I like. (Crust ingredients, before adding melted vegan butter.)
Overcooked, but yummy! Grated dark chocolate on top.
My daughter's piece. No Bailey's. She couldn't keep her fingers out of it, saying how yummy it was. But then she decided she didn't like it after getting a forkful of it.
My husband's piece, with Bailey's. I think any negatives resulting from overcooking were overcome by the Bailey's garnish.

Three of the four of us liked this fairly well. It lacks that tangy cheesecake taste, and has a little bit of a tofu flavor (just a hint…that’s overridden nicely by the vegan Bailey’s). I like it, though. The texture is quite nice, which was a relief after all of my undercooking/overcooking. We’re sharing a big hunk of this with my husband’s vegan coworker (he’s a single guy, and I like feeding him). We’ve got more left than we can handle, I think, so if you’re interested in trying some and live nearby, let me know. Quickly.

And because I like you so much, here’s the direct link to the vegan Bailey’s recipes.

2 Replies to “♥ Irish Cream Cheesecake (via it’s a Greyt Vegan Life)”

  1. I’m surprised that WordPress didn’t give you the option of choosing the photo for the re-post. Oh, well: how very appropriate that a picture of a sweet boy sheep posted with an Irish-ish recipe! Your cheesecake looks great for the first try – I told you that my first try at the cheesecake wasn’t pretty (mine actually collapsed in the middle). If you try the cheesecake again, it’s probably a good idea to adjust for altitude and use the “water bath” baking method and trust the timer (I know it’s hard!). The cheesecake will be jiggly when you remove it from the oven. But after it chills overnight it will firm up just enough. It’s supposed to be creamy and not too firm (another tip: let it cool completely before refrigerating).

    Funny about the soy comment – we don’t even notice it any more! Some recipes call for a splash of lemon juice to make up for the lack of “tang”, I assume, but I figured that the mock sour cream topping compensated enough to suit us. And we sure don’t miss the lactose intolerance discomfort!

    Anyway, I hope your vegan pal enjoys it and be sure to point him in our direction because we post guy-friendly recipes (my husband is a former meat and potatoes guy) and we have a lot of links to other vegan resources too. Happy baking!


    1. Thanks, Christina! I’ll definitely make it again, but probably when I have more eaters lined up to help us. Not that I couldn’t eat the whole thing, just that I probably shouldn’t. I tested GF/CF popover recipes a few months ago and I made (and did most of the eating) of five batches in a week. The following week, I noticed a decided increase in the number reading on the scale when I stepped on it.

      And cheesecake is something I’ve not had in years…the “real thing” would have left me with a stomachache for days. Thanks again for posting a yummy and non-painful alternative!


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