TBR List Declutter, Issue 37

Tangent: There are no obvious invertebrates in today’s Visual Interest, so it’s safe to tell you about “Chicken Casserole.” I put “Chicken Casserole” in quotes because I always think of canned soup and noodles or rice when I think of casserole, and in that sense, this isn’t a casserole. Rather than trying to figure outContinue reading “TBR List Declutter, Issue 37”

Spicy Chicken, Tomato, and Rice in the Slow Cooker

It’s been a long time (like, four years) since I published a recipe post. I used to publish them a lot, testing out new recipes and variations on old recipes and scarfing down the failures and successes alike, until I noticed a correlation between recipe blogging and the upward progression of the numbers on myContinue reading “Spicy Chicken, Tomato, and Rice in the Slow Cooker”

Kitchenette Dinners, or Hotel Home-Cooking

As I’ve mentioned, we’re still living in a hotel. It’s a nice extended-stay type hotel with a little kitchenette and reliable wifi, but it’s been almost a month since we lived in a house, and I’m kind of missing some things. Like my kitchen. Every morning the hotel serves breakfast downstairs, and Monday through ThursdayContinue reading “Kitchenette Dinners, or Hotel Home-Cooking”

My New Comfort Food: Oyako Donburi

Oyako donburi means “parent and child rice dish.” It’s called parent and child because it has both chicken and egg in it. If you make it with beef and egg, it’s apparently called “stranger and child” which sounds kind of ominous. I’m thinking since I used turkey broth in it, I could call it “parentContinue reading “My New Comfort Food: Oyako Donburi”

Bok Choy Redux

After my last bok choy recipe, I had several requests for more ways to eat bok choy. We eat a lot of bok choy. We usually have it twice a week. It’s super-high in nutrients, and is one of the best non-dairy food sources of calcium out there. Plus, it’s just so yummy. I’ve evenContinue reading “Bok Choy Redux”