Midwestern Meander 2012: Greenfield Village

Photos from our visit to Greenfield Village outside of Detroit, Michigan. For those unfamiliar with Greenfield Village, it’s the location to which Henry Ford had bunches of historic locations trucked in, from the Wright Brothers’ home and bicycle shop originally in Dayton, Ohio, to Thomas Edison’s labs and offices at Menlo Park, New Jersey. TheContinue reading “Midwestern Meander 2012: Greenfield Village”

Midwestern Meander 2012: The Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest

We visit our families in Ohio and Michigan most years, and each time we visit, my father-in-law suggests two or three venues or events that we just can’t miss. With younger kids, we often missed most of these, but now that the kids are both a little older, we’re able to pack a little moreContinue reading “Midwestern Meander 2012: The Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest”

Midwestern Meander 2012: New England to Niagara Falls

It’s eight hours from our house to Niagara Falls. Because my kids are champion road-trippers, this wasn’t actually as hellish as many people might expect. We listened to several of Beverly Cleary’s “Ramona” books and began Black Beauty, which we all loved. My daughter loved that it was told from the horse’s perspective and myContinue reading “Midwestern Meander 2012: New England to Niagara Falls”

Midwestern Meander 2012: The Ohio Leg

“Midwestern Meander” is the name I’ve given the road trip we took in late June 2012. We traveled from our home in New England to Niagara Falls, across Ontario to visit family in Michigan, the rest of the way around Lake Erie to visit family in Ohio, then back home again. I plan to postContinue reading “Midwestern Meander 2012: The Ohio Leg”

MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 6: Home

Friday morning, we packed up, said goodbye to Grandpa, and drove northward again. I was inordinately thrilled when “America” came up on the iPod and Simon and Garfunkel sang, “counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike” while we were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. On the Garden State Parkway, I observed a motorcyclist inContinue reading “MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 6: Home”

MA to DC Road Trip 2012, Day 5: The National Zoo

When we first moved to Northern Virginia in 1990, we visited the National Zoo. I’d lived my young childhood in San Diego, and we were frequent visitors to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. If those zoos were great, I reasoned, the National Zoo must be wonderful! If you, too, have been toContinue reading “MA to DC Road Trip 2012, Day 5: The National Zoo”

MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 4: The Mall

On Wednesday, we visited a different kind of mall: The Mall. I’d promised the kids a reflecting pool, but it was torn up for renovations. They didn’t seem to mind. They like construction equipment. We found a duck pond where my daughter herded ducks and my son threw sticks into the water. It was an incredibleContinue reading “MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 4: The Mall”

MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 3: The Pentagon is BORING!

On Tuesday, my dad offered to give us a tour of the Pentagon. They offer guided tours to the public, but since he works there, he could give us a condensed tour better suited to the interests of my 2.5-year-old and my 7-year-old. I wasn’t sure the largest office building in the world, even shapedContinue reading “MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 3: The Pentagon is BORING!”

MA to DC Road Trip 2012, Day 2: Turtle Playground!

In Delaware, my children talked me into buying them candy and road maps at a gas station convenience store. I think they could sense that my resistance was weak after our night in the hotel and the adventure of getting them a hotel breakfast in the morning. I’d managed to re-pack the car only byContinue reading “MA to DC Road Trip 2012, Day 2: Turtle Playground!”

King of the Road. (Day 7 of the Cross-Country Road Trip, with Guest Blogger Maurice the Cat)

I’m pleased to welcome Maurice, our 14-year-old cat, as a guest blogger on Imperfect Happiness. He’s written for our family’s holiday newsletter several times (in his popular column, “Kitty Korner”), but this is his first foray into blogging. Maurice is the most well-traveled cat I know, and I’m thrilled to have him share his insights.Continue reading “King of the Road. (Day 7 of the Cross-Country Road Trip, with Guest Blogger Maurice the Cat)”