Weekly Walk 43

It’s five weeks after the summer solstice, and while I’m not about to complain about the heat since so far we can still get by without running the air conditioner if we don’t mind sweating a bit (which we don’t…usually), I will admit that the lack of rain is starting to get to me.

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Weekly Walk 42

Four weeks after the summer solstice, we took advantage of a break in the heat and took an after-lunch hike.


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Weekly Walk 41

Three weeks after the summer solstice, we once again walked the trail, this time in a surly mood.


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Weekly Walk 40

Two weeks after the summer solstice, two days after Alton Sterling was shot to death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, one day after Philando Castile was shot to death in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and just hours after twelve police officers were shot and five killed in Dallas, Texas, my children and I took a walk in the woods.

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Weekly Walk 39

Our first summer walk—the week following the solstice—was best described by one word:


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Weekly Walk 38 1/2: Prince Edward Island

When last we met, my family had just spent a couple of days wandering by car, foot, and boat around Bar Harbor, Maine, and Acadia National Park. Once I’d done enough lunges up the sides of mountains, we packed into the car and headed north through the spruce-fir forests of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.


Brackley Beach area of Prince Edward Island National Park.

When I tell you that I’ve been wanting to go to Prince Edward Island since I was twelve years old, you will probably know what triggered my interest in Canada’s smallest province and the birthplace of Confederation. If you don’t know the connection between PEI and twelve-year-old girls, don’t worry; there are some clues coming up. Read More

Weekly Walk 38

When we hiked on the solstice, we found the trail greatly changed from last week. It almost looked like a different trail.

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Weekly Walk 37

If these walks were a pregnancy, it would be full-term as of the walk we took during the last week before the summer solstice.


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Weekly Walk 36

During the twelfth week after the vernal equinox, we got to hike with our friend Linda again.

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Weekly Walk 35

We left the house early to beat the heat for our hike during the eleventh week after the vernal equinox.CIMG2340 Read More